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Server down atm! Empty Server down atm!

Post  TheRexo on Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:48 am

We are very sorry about the last issuses that we have on the last days, we hope that it will be fixed soon, and more then it, we know that it will be fixed soon! After the server opening we will get new things and more updates not expect the v.80 items, mounts and chairs. If you feel like to promote our server and help us, we are looking for server coders and devs and GFX's (graphick makers). If you want to help us PM one of the administrators for more information. I repeat once again that we gonna back soon with more updates and non hamachi very soon. And remember to download v.80 stuffs that you will have a download for them to prevent you from dcing! Razz

Thanks and good luck, ~MapleStar staff~ cheers


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